Is Tinderholt An Alternative?

Tony Tinderholt has offered to be Texas Speaker.  His leadership pledge is simple and straightforward.  He will restore Republican leadership in the Texas House for the first time since 2009.

With this accomplished, the House can join the Senate and the Lieutenant Governor in finally passing Republican priorities.

  • Border security
  • Election integrity
  • School choice
  • Property tax relief
  • No Critical Race Theory
  • And more

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The Speaker of the Texas House appoints all committee chairs, and he appoints half of the membership of each committee.  His control over House legislation is unchallenged.

The majority party normally controls all committee chairmanships, but not in Texas.  Current Speaker Dade Phelan appointed Democrats to critical committee chairmanships.  Democrats currently control 13 of the 34 House committees, including 

  • Business and Industry
  • Corrections
  • County Affairs
  • Criminal Jurisprudence
  • House Administration
  • Transportation
  • Juvenile Justice & Family Issues
  • Land & Resource Management
  • Licensing & Administrative Procedures
  • Natural Resources
  • Pensions, Investments, and Financial Services
  • Public Education
  • Urban Affairs

How do we stop Dade Phelan’s destruction of the will of Texas voters?

Tony Tinderholt will set things right.