About Be True to Texas

Be True to Texas is a project begun by Chad Carnahan.  Our only ambition is to make Texas the best possible place for everyone that calls it home.

Chad ran for state representative in 2017 for one primary reason.  His current representative, Linda Koop, had joined a coalition of Democrats and Republicans who elected Joe Strauss as Texas Speaker.  The Strauss strategy destroyed the state's ability to develop coherent legislative policies.

Texas has continued to grow in recent years because of our dynamic metropolitan areas combined with the migration from other states.

However, our state government is in bad shape.  The Strauss legacy has continued with current Speaker Dade Phelan.  Without a moral or idealogical compass, the Texas House has become increasingly corrupt and ineffective.

This is happening at a time when we desperately need solutions.  We want to be part of those solutions.

P.S. - If you're wondering how Chad's 2017 run for office turned out, he was soundly defeated when the incumbent spent about $200,000 in the Republican primary.  While a state representative receives a little over $7000 annually (plus some per diem), the cost to run a successful election routinely tops $500,000.  This is another problem seeking a solution.