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Why Am I Running?

There is a problem in Texas government.  Opportunities for real reform in state government occur too seldom.  The governor and Texas Senate are united on an agenda that include tax cuts, better utilization of state funds, stronger border security, education reform, and expansion of individual liberty.  The Texas House of Representatives, under the leadership of Joe Straus, has obstructed almost all of these reforms.

Straus has been successful because he has a cadre of complicit Republicans who conspire with Democrats and cater to wealthy lobbyists including:

  • Public Sector and Teacher Unions
  • Local Taxing Authorities
  • Trial Lawyers

One of Straus’s top lieutenants is Linda Koop, who sits of the powerful Calendars Committee that can prevent good legislation from ever reaching the House floor for a vote.

My objective is to defeat the cronyism that is paralyzing the Texas legislature.  My platform mirrors the positions already put forward by Governor Abbott, Lieutenant Governor Patrick, and the Texas State Senate. 

It is time to begin moving Texas into a new era of even greater business growth and opportunity for citizens.

If you would like to discuss what you need from Texas government, please let me know at friends@betruetotexas.com.

Chad Carnahan