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What Does It Mean to be a Texas Republican?

Is it merely a label, or is it a commitment?

Do Republicans Stand for Lower Taxes, Government Transparency, & Border Security?

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2017 House Bills

How Linda Koop Voted ...

How Carnahan Would Vote ...

Property Tax - Senate Bill 1

RVC #164

Dan Huberty made a motion to “move the previous question” to vote on SB 1.  His intention was to pass the bill before it could be amended.  The amendments would have provided property tax relief to millions of Texans.

RVC #136

Governor Abbott sought to reduce the ability of local governments to increase taxes without voter approval by reducing the 'rollback' rate from 8% to 4%.

As a member of the secretive Calendars Committee, Linda delayed a vote on tax relief until late in the session.

She then voted with the Straus coalition and every Democrat to support Huberty's motion and kill property tax reform.

She also voted with the Straus coalition and every Democrat to kill Governor Abbott's effort to lower taxes.

Chad would vote with the Republican majority in support of tax cuts for Texans.

Texans now face the 6th highest property taxes of any state.  These measures are a start, and we need to much more to reduce taxes.

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Spending - House Bill 206

RV # 155

This bill sought to limit state spending based upon the rise in population and inflation.  It would limit wasteful spending and the resulting taxation.  It was a major priority for the Texas Republican Party.

Linda Koop joined the Straus coalition and every House Democrat to defeat the spending cap.

The result will be a continuing upward spiral in Texas debt and taxes.

Chad would have voted with the Republican majority to cap state spending and reduce the pressure on taxpayers.

Texans face the 2nd highest debt burden per capita of the big states.  We must require more accountability and transparency from public officials at both state and local levels.

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Border Security - Senate Bill 4

The bill defined a 'sanctuary city' as any city whose policy prohibited the enforcement of immigration laws.  The House version defined 'sanctuary city' only as a city which didn’t honor detainee requests from ICE.  Matt Shaeffer and Matt Rinaldi attempted to correct the House bill to match the Senate version.

Linda Koop voted with the Straus coalition and every Democrat to kill the amendment and weaken the law.

In doing so, she voted to support sanctuary cities in Dallas, Houston, and other Texas cities.

Linda was unable to stop Senate Bill 4, but she tried.

Chad would have voted for the Shaeffer/Rinaldi amendment.

Chad supports strengthening the sanctuary cities law, elimination of in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, and elimination of financial incentives which encourage illegal immigration.

In Texas, we believe in and celebrate immigration.  But we also believe in the rule of law.

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How Can We Win If We Choose False Leaders?

Has Any Current State Legislator Done More Damage to the Republican Platform Than Linda Koop?

Ready to Stand with the Values of Your Party?

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