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Texans expect the best highways in America. Are they?

Highway Construction

Texas Restricts How Contracts Are Awarded

Texas uses a cumbersome bid-structure for large road projects that hinders cost and time savings.

Larger projects must be designed inside the Texas bureaucracy, which often lacks the staff and the knowledge of the bidding contractors.  These projects can languish while we all wait for direction from state employees.


Fuel Tax Income is Limited

People are driving less, and they are using more fuel-efficient vehicles.  This means less revenue to the state from the fuel tax.  We must implement more efficient contracting for road construction.


Fixing the Problem

We should allow design-build contracting as an option, which can save time and money.

We should remove the requirement that designs be 30% complete before going to bid.

The state should adopt zero based budgeting.  This could allow the Department of Transportation to prioritize highway projects for faster completion.

By moving more of the process into private industry, we can save millions of dollars for taxpayers.  More importantly, we can get you home to your family sooner.

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