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Taxation & Debt

Why are our property taxes constantly going up?

Rising Taxes

Texas has the 6th highest property tax of all 50 states.

There are over 4000 taxing authorities in Texas - city & county governments, special project districts, and school districts.  They are currently able to raise property tax without voter approval in too many ways.  And rising appraisals make things even worse.

With the city of Dallas in severe financial stress, citizens must be protected from drastic property tax increases.

House Debt

Texas has the 2nd highest debt per capita of all the big states.

Only New York taxpayers are deeper in debt than Texans.  Local governments seldom explain that bond issues are nothing more than future taxation.  How else can the bond be paid?

For example, most folks in Richardson or Garland have no idea that they are carrying about $2700 in debt per family in local debt.  In Dallas, it is $2200.  In Addison, it is a stunning $8700.

School district debt is yet another ball and chain.  It ranges from about $11,000 per student in Garland to over $30,000 in Dallas ISD.

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Fixing the Problem

We must implement a lower trigger that limits the ability of taxing authorities to raise taxes without a public election.  That trigger is currently 8% annually.  We need to cut it in half to 4%.

We must limit the rise of appraisals to no more than 10% annually to cap property tax increases.

Bond propositions must inform voters about total bond cost, tax impact, and the financial status of the local government.

Bond propositions must be submitted on major election dates so that as many voters as possible can participate.

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