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What Issues matter most to North Dallas County?

Here are suggestions on the major issues. What do you think?

Budget & Tax Reform

Enforce Zero-Based Budgeting

Eliminate the franchise tax

Require at least a 3/5 vote of the legislature to raise taxes

Ethics Reform

Require public disclosure of government contracts held by public officials.

Ban public officials from lobbying while in office.

Cap undisclosed gifts from lobbyists.

Require disclosure of bond counsel and legal referral fees while in office.

Cronyism & Corporate Welfare

End tax abatements, thus easing pressure of property taxes

End corporate handout programs like the Texas Enterprise Fund and instead focus on developing small business.

Increase transparency in local sales tax diversion.

Higher Education

Freeze tuition until an alternative to rapid tuition increases can be determined.

Repeal tuition set-asides which fund scholarships for other students.

Repeal in-state tuition for illegal immigrants.

Election Integrity

Enforce ballot transparency on taxes and debt, providing voters with a bond’s total cost, the financial status of the local government, and projected tax impact.

Enforce uniform election dates so that as many voters as possible can participate.

Enforce uniform polling locations and eliminate rolling polling so that as many voters as possible can participate.

Reform mail-in ballot procedures to reduce or eliminate fraud.

Limit participation in political primaries to members of the political party.

K-12 Education

Consider elimination of overlapping county school boards which inflate taxes without providing necessary services.

Expand educational freedom through school choice.

Replace Robin Hood.

Local Government Reform

Local accountability for government pensions without state bailouts.

Replace forced annexation with a ballot election by the affected community.

The Constitution dictates that the state is the primary institution of authority (federalism), and local ordinances must comply.

Transparency for local official’s voting records.

Disclose and end taxpayer-funded lobbying by local governments.


State Sovereignty

Support a Convention of the States.

Enforce a ban on sanctuary cities.

State Government Reform

Reform occupational licensing that limits job opportunities.

Roll back government regulation.

Reform eminent domain to protect individual property rights.

Reform civil asset forfeiture to protect individuals property rights.

Consider use of design-build contracting for highway construction.

Stop deducting union dues from state employee salaries.

Regularly review state agencies in a sunset review fashion.

Migrate municipal employee pensions to defined benefit methods.

Enact local government revenue caps.

Property Tax Reform

Lower the rollback rate, which allows local governments to increase property taxes without voter approval.

Require voter approval on all tax increases above the rollback rate.

Cap appraisal increases to no more than 10% annually.

Repeal the business personal property tax.




Border Security

Strengthen the sanctuary cities law.

Eliminate in-state tuition for illegal immigrants.

Eliminate financial incentives which encourage illegal immigration.

Do you have an issue that we have overlooked?  If so, please let us know.  We will address it with you both personally and in our literature.

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