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About Our Events

We meet monthly in the 2nd floor auditorium of the CoVerica building.  It is a beautiful facility with plenty of room for people and parking.  Tap on the map below for directions.

CoVerica Builing

5999 Summerside Drive

Dallas, TX 75252

If you have questions about directions or anything else, please contact us here.


September 2019 Events

Thursday, September 19th

Coverica Building, 5999 Summerside

Matt Rinaldi, Champion of the 2017 Texas Legislative Session

Former State Representative Matt Rinaldi, one of the leading reformers of the 2017 legislative session, will offer his thoughts on the successes and disappointments of the 2019 legislative session.

Past Events

August 2019 Events

Thursday, August 15th, 6:30 PM

Coverica Building, 5999 Summerside

Lynn McBee, Recent Candidate for Dallas Mayor

Renowned local philanthropist, accomplished businesswoman, and recent candidate for Dallas mayor Lynn McBee talked about the Coalition for a New Day.  This is her new initiative to elevate our city and our state.

July 2019 Events

Thursday, July 25th, 6:30 PM

Coverica Building, 5999 Summerside

Laura Pressley, True Texas Elections

Data analyst extraordinaire Laura Pressley explained how voter counts can be manipulated and how we can keep them accurate.  We'll be hearing more from Laura in the near future.

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