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About Us

"Upon the subject of education ... I can only say that I view it as the most important subject which we as a people may be engaged in."
- Abraham Lincoln

What We Believe

Every other nation in the world is defined by geography.  It is a place.

America is different.  It is an idea more than a spot on the map.  The idea that all people are created equal.  All people should be allowed to pursue their dreams and ambitions free of interference but ever vigilant to a strong sense of right and wrong.

It sounds so simple, but it has never been achieved anywhere else in all of human history.

This is why it must be constantly protected and nurtured and preserved.  It can so easily lost.

These are the principles that define, not just who we are, but what we believe will sustain the incredible legacy that we inherited.

Limited Government

As our founding fathers recognized, restraint of government is necessary to protect the liberty of the people.

Fiscal Responsiblity

Government at all levels must learn to live within its means.  Burdening future generation with debt from excess spending is inexcusable.

Personal Responsibility

Liberty cannot be sustained without personal responsibility.  Each citizen must respect the rights and dignity of others.

Rule of Law

Consistent and independent application of the law is essential to a free and prosperous society.

National Sovereignty

American must maintain a strong national defense, effective border security, and sole control over our land and our laws.

Be True to Texas

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