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High Texas Property Taxes – Part 2 – Bond Issues

Texas is growing, and we have seen lots of bond issues.  That’s understandable.  But there have been so many bond issues that we are now the 2nd most indebted state in America (among the largest states).  The bulk of all that debt is local debt from cities, counties, and school districts.  As taxpayers, we need…

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High Texas Property Tax – How & Why. Part 1

Texas has the 6th highest property tax of all 50 states.  We assume it is because we have no income tax, but that is not true.  We do not have adequate limits on tax increases.  This is the first in a series on how Texas homeowners can push back against the rapid rise in property…

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Koop Confirms Ties to Austin Cronyism

Linda Koop has confirmed her devotion to the Austin’s big government cronyism. She has sent a mailing throughout the district announcing her endorsement by the Associated of Republican of Texas (ART). As reported at TransparencyTexas.com, ART has been closely aligned with discredited former Speaker of the House, Joe Straus. Their ties to big government, big…

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Why Am I Running?

There is a problem in Texas government.  Opportunities for real reform in state government occur too seldom.  The governor and Texas Senate are united on an agenda that include tax cuts, better utilization of state funds, stronger border security, education reform, and expansion of individual liberty.  The Texas House of Representatives, under the leadership of…

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