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Border Security

How do we stem the burdens on our economy and our neighborhoods?

Classroom overcrowding

Education & Health Care Expenses Are Bankrupting Cities

Texas, and America, cannot be a nation unless there are borders.  And we cannot be a nation unless we have a system of laws.

By absorbing so many people from outside our normal immigration procedures who are incapable of providing an immediate economic benefit, we are driving local governments deep into debt.  

The question is not whether people work hard or deserve help.  It is about the continued financial and legal viability of Texas communities.

Illegal Crime

Crime Follows

Criminal activity has exploded with the increase in illegal immigration.

The Texas Department of Public Safety reports that more than 240,000 criminal aliens were booked in Texas jails over the last six years.  At least 2/3 of them entered America illegally.

Their convictions include 547 homicides, 28,592 assaults, 11,068 burglaries/robberies, 268 kidnappings, and 3164 sexual assaults.

Four girls walking along the street. Rear view

Fixing the Problem

Our priority must be to first make Texas healthy and prosperous for Texans.  Immigration must never threaten this obligation.

No one is suggesting deportations beyond known criminals.  However, we must make changes.

The sanctuary cities law must be strengthened.  We must eliminate in-state tuition for illegal immigrants.  We cannot afford to subsidize folks who are not Texans.  Wherever possible, we must eliminate financial incentives which encourage illegal immigration.

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