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Be True to Texas

What does it mean to Be True to Texas?


I talk a lot about what it means to 'Be True to Texas'.

Texas is different from every state in the union.  Those other states are places, but Texas is an idea.  It is a belief in ourselves and a belief in each other.  It is a toughness that keeps us striving when others might have quit.  It is an optimism that each day is a new opportunity.

For me, there are four components of 'Be True to Texas', and we'll talk about how each of them affect our freedom and finances throughout this campaign.

  • Freedom
  • Faith
  • Family
  • Friendship

Our ability to express our freedom and faith or to support the people we love is proportional to our ability to hold on to what we earn.  This is why low taxes and government accountability are central to my campaign.

Let me know what you think.  What does it mean to you to Be True to Texas?  I look forward to talking to you.  See you soon.

- Chad Carnahan

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